As Argüden Governance Academy, we organized the “Governance Scorecard for Municipalities” Conference on 16th of April at İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality – Ali Emîri Efendi Cultural Center.

Argüden Governance Academy is a non-profit initiative dedicated to improve governance quality in public, non-profit, private, and international organizations to create sustainable value for institutions and society.

At the conference, we also shared out the publication, From a Citizen’s Perspective: Governance Scorecard of Municipalities for İstanbul Districts, which;

  • Analyzes and evaluates the overall district municipalities in İstanbul in terms of democratic governance climate and learning cycle from the viewpoint of citizens.
  • Promotes and supports active citizenship through providing a guide for civic action.
  • Reflects practically how democratic governance can be used in different areas and processes in municipalities.
  • Shares examples of the ways, methods and good practice for citizens’ governance participation processes and democratic civilian oversight.
  • Makes suggestions to various stakeholders to improve the municipal governance.

Pictures from the Conference

Conference Agenda

Opening Remark
Speaker: Dr. Yılmaz ArgüdenArgüden Governance Academy, Founder
Methodology and Approach of Project
Speaker: Dr. Fatma Öğücü ŞenArgüden Governance Academy, Research Programs Manager
Governance Scorecard of the İstanbul District Municipalities
Speaker: İnan İzciArgüden Governance Academy, Local Governance Specialist
Panel: “Democratic Governance in Municipalities: Türkiye and International Perspective”
Moderator: Dr. Yılmaz ArgüdenArgüden Governance Academy, Founder
Panelist: Prof. Hubert HeineltTechnische Universität Darmstadt Institut für Politikwissenschaft Landwehrstr Professor
Panelist: Jutta GutzkowEuropean Council, Head of Good Governance Division
Panelist: M. Fatih GeyimGeneral Directorate of Local Administrations, Vice President
Coffee Break
Panel: Discussion Session – Q&A
Moderator: Fikret ToksözArgüden Governance Academy, Local Governance Expert
Panelist: Prof. Emeritus Korel GöymenSabancı University and İstanbul Policy Center Professor
Panelist: Prof. Ersin KalaycıoğluHarvard University Visiting Professor and Sabancı University Professor
Panelist: Assoc. Prof. Erbay ArıkboğaMarmara University Lecturer
Panelist: Enver SalihoğluGovernor (Ret.)
Closing Speech
Speaker: Prof. Metin ÇakmakçıArgüden Governance Academy, Chairman